Welcome to Schoch Werkhaus!

We are the Swiss single-source provider of the following service

  • Space and construction management
  • Furnishing and development concepts
  • Audio visual and video conferencing equipment
  • Service and support
  • Relocations/moving house and logistics

Schoch Werkhaus

  • Employees: 42 
  • Proprietor: Jan Schoch
  • Holdings: Ergodata AG 33%

We believe in professional service, fairness and sustainability, and promote Swiss quality brands.

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Our promise

We engage with you to develop, to produce or to procure innovative products and services of high quality. We are your responsible partner in all aspects. Our total offering is to the point, competent and fair.

Our conviction

We act sustainably and respectfully when dealing with people and resources, with our past and our future. Ecology, sustainability and fairness are not just slogans, but an integral part of our daily actions.

Our roots

We build bridges between tradition and the modern, between craftsmanship and visionary creativity. We uphold the Swiss Quality label and stand behind the traditional values of precision, dependability and quality – both in our products and our services.

Our identity

Our employees see themselves as part of a whole. We function as a team, in which everyone makes decisions within the bounds of their competencies and takes responsibility for our customers and our company. We place a great important on support, further education and trust.

Our approach to ecology

The company philosophy reflects professionalism, fairness and sustainability. Schoch Werkhaus supports the Swiss Quality label and distinguishes itself through Innovation, ergonomics, functionality and an ecological mind set.

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